*** I obtained most of these addresses from Facebook or from emails my mom is using.  PLEASE leave a comment or email me ( if your information is incorrect or if you have other emails to share. I didn’t mean to leave anyone off, so feel free to chime in! Asante ***

Barbara Snyder:

Laura Hartlep:

Jim McKenna:

James McKenna:

Gregory McKenna:

Michelle Lewis:

Mark Lewis:

James Lewis:

Kevin Lewis:

Laurie Dobrick:

Steven Dobrick:

Wayne Dobrick:

Carole Davis:

Leah Davis:

Janessa Shikauru:

Diane Davis:

Brad Davis:

Jessica Davis:

Sally Melchert:

Renee Gibb:

Ken Gibb:

Tess Maples:

Allison Bell:

Joanne Dehetre:

Denny Dehetre

Meghan Dehetre:

Ashley Dehetre

Ron Beck:

Jennifer Beck:

Ryan Beck:

Pam Deluca:

Karen Deluca-Walsh:

Grayson Walsh:

Alex Walsh:

Amy Deluca:

Sara Deluca:

John Snyder:

Jim Snyder:

Matthew Snyder:

Gail Snyder:

Christy Snyder

Ed Snyder:

Jason Pontorff:

Sarah Durham:

Adam Snyder:

Elizabeth Snyder:

Rebecca Shows:

Melody Cogsdill Crane:

Andrew Cogsdill

Amanda Cogsdill:

Bill Matley: 

Sheri Matley

Lisa Matley

Mark Matley

Susan Matley

Kathy Jaskulski:

Chas Jaskulski

Kristin Edwards:


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